Carly Brown BA, MC       

Registered Psychologist


Carly is caring, compassionate and has a positive energy and outlook. Her approach to counselling is based on a foundation of acceptance, honesty and mutual respect. Drawing largely from Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Response Based and Narrative approaches, Carly collaborates with clients to implement valuable, personalized solutions. She has a warm and genuine approach to working with children and adolescents and strives to develop meaningful connections with clients of all ages.  Carly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle.   She is also a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists.

During her Master's program, Carly completed an internship as a school counsellor where she gained experience applying essential counselling skills from diverse theoretical perspectives to individuals and families.  Carly also has nine years of experience providing one-on-one educational interventions to children, adolescents and adults with mild to severe learning disorders.

Carly has experience addressing concerns regarding self-esteem, anxiety management, emotional regulation, daily living skills, social skills, peer and family relationships, and life transitions.  

Carly is a trauma informed counsellor and is up-to-date with current counselling approaches.  As part of her desire to remain informed on current and effective practices, Carly has completed training in administering psycho-educational assessments and has attended workshops on learning difficulties. She has also completed training programs for relationship and couples therapy, group therapy, ethics and consent, self-harm and treating complex trauma using somatic interventions. 


Vanessa Fahie BA, MC, CCC


Vanessa is passionate about people and strives to create a safe, supportive and healing environment for clients by providing support during their time of need. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from the University of Lethbridge and a Masters of Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle. She is also a Professional Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, a nation-wide accredited body that works to enhance mental health services to Canadians.

During her Master's program, Vanessa completed an internship with the Community Resource Team and Eastside Family Centre with Wood’s Homes. Vanessa’s opportunity of working as part of the team at Wood’s Homes has allowed her to develop and refine her skills as a counsellor in a variety of ways. During her internship, Vanessa worked with a variety of clients facing an array of issues. She has learned how to integrate counselling skills into each session and how to match appropriate clinical interventions with the needs of each client. Vanessa currently works with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter providing Counselling Services as a therapist to both youth and adults. She also facilitates groups. Vanessa has five years’ experience providing one-on-one interventions to children, families, couples, and adults as a crisis counsellor, counsellor, and cognitive coach.

Vanessa is dedicated to creating a practice that supports total body wellness and mental well-being. She approaches all sessions from the stance of being transparent, open, honest, and collaborative with her clients. Her education and experience in counselling has allowed her to develop tools and interventions to help people move from distress to wellness, by validating experiences and resiliencies. Vanessa draws largely from response based, solution focused, narrative, mind-body, and multimodal approaches. She has a warm and empathetic approach to working with clients of all ages. Vanessa has experience addressing mental health concerns, parent/child conflict, schooling difficulties, maintaining healthy relationships, domestic violence, substance abuse, life stresses, family stress, relationship issues, risk issues, transition issues, grief and loss, trauma, and sexual health concerns. She also has knowledge regarding sex, desire and their importance for couples, as she researched and wrote a published paper on the subject. Vanessa aspires to assist clients in processing and understanding their own circumstances in the hopes of aiding them in developing and implementing strategies to improve their quality of life.

Having recently graduated from a three year Master’s of Counselling program, Vanessa is up-to-date with current counselling approaches, which she allows to inform her practice. As part of her desire to remain informed of current and effective practices, Vanessa is a Trauma Informed counsellor, a response based counsellor, and a DBT informed counsellor. Vanessa has recently completed training programs for relationship and couples therapy, group therapy, self-harm, ethics and consent, and treating complex trauma using somatic interventions.

Heather Headshot.jpg

Heather Forsey, MSW, RSW


Heather came to Calgary from Newfoundland in 2006, after the completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and English from Memorial University. Heather’s Political Science course work focused on the injustices forced upon children around the globe, such as international rights issues of basic rights, child soldiers, and the oppressive practices among orphanages in Eastern Europe. After spending time working in the oil and gas sector, Heather was drawn to return to school to obtain a Bachelor of Applied Child Studies Degree from Mount Royal University.

Heather’s experience at Mount Royal University began to create little ripples that would soon become waves. Heather discovered a love of working with children, particularly the joy that exists when you engage with them, whether it be blowing bubbles or helping them process their big feelings. This joy became a passion for providing the best possible future for all children and families, which led to Heather return university to pursue a Master of Social Work to expand my capacity to support children and their families.

Heather’s love of working with children and families has only continue to grow. She has continued to focus on learning and growing her capacity to work with young children and their families by training in various early intervention programs, such as the Circle of Security Intensive 10-Day training, Adlerian Play Therapy, and has completed Level One Theraplay and is receiving supervision for Level One certification. Heather has also completed training in sensorimotor psychotherapy techniques, ethics and consent, non-suicidal self-injury, suicide intervention, and group therapy.


Cindy Ogden, MSW, RSW


Cindy is a caring, compassionate counsellor with many years of experience. She is dedicated to meeting each client where they are and providing them with the best possible service to help them move to where they want to be. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Social Work (Clinical Specialization) from the University of Calgary.  She is a Registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Work.

Over the years, Cindy has worked in a variety of settings including agencies specializing in issues related to abuse and domestic violence, sexual health, and general counselling.  Cindy has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups.  She is client centered and strives to work collaboratively with empathy and understanding. In her practice, Cindy draws on a variety of theories and approaches including response-based, ecological, structural feminism, anti-oppressive, crisis, trauma, and resilience.  She has experience working with individuals dealing with mental health, addiction, trauma, abuse, domestic violence, sexual health, relationship issues, and grief and loss.

 Cindy is passionate about her work and has been involved in various research projects and conferences related to domestic violence issues.  Her MSW thesis explored the issues for immigrant women dealing with intimate partner violence. Cindy has also co-authored journal articles, book chapters, monographs, and various research reports published by RESOLVE Alberta (a family violence research institute). Cindy works to remain current by continuing to upgrade and learn.  Recently, she has completed training on suicide prevention, risk assessment, ethics and relational consent, non-suicidal self-injury, and group therapy.